Hot Air Balloon Arrangements with Fashionable Hostess #FHBabySprinkle


To welcome her new baby, I headed down to Miami to celebrate with Amanda of Fashionable Hostess  and her gorgeous friends (all dressed in white!) 

Amanda chose a hot air balloon theme, so I created fun arrangements in white baskets, topped with paper lanterns and dowel rods to bring them to life. Considering that the gender was not revealed prior to the party, the floral color scheme was a mix of pink, blue, white and mint.

For an interactive party element, I created white preserved baby's breath crowns and allowed each guest to choose pink ribbons if they thought Amanda would have a girl and blue ribbons for a boy. 

Read more about the party on Amanda's blog here.

Enjoy the gorgeous photos below by Yesi of SimplyLively



To end the summer on a great note, we hosted an delightful brunch in the Hamptons with Nine West to help them celebrate their new #StandOut campaign. Inspired by strength, power and beauty of women across the world, the brand's stunning shoe collection was designed to encourage women to stand out within their personal and professional lives and with their fashion choices. Friends were invited to enjoy a brunch curated and prepared by Hamptons local, Jennifer Poto, while having the opportunity to mingle with industry influencers and view the new collection launching alongside the #StandOut campaign. 

Guests were encouraged to accessorize from head to toe with gorgeous @CrownsByChristy preserved flower crowns and an assortment of Nine West shoe styles. Our amazing team decorated the event space in the most Pinterest-worthy way to provide a beautiful background to make our guests look and feel their absolute best! We custom-created a "9W" shoe-filled brand logo, a "shoe-fie" station and a tablescape complete with pineapple arrangements that couldn't resist the camera lens. Take a peek below! 


A custom-designed Nine West logo installation was designed as a beautiful backdrop for the luncheon. Surrounded by lavender flowers, the monochrome logo was decorated with Nine West shoes to create a fun out-of-the-box photo-worthy element to the party. 


Guests enjoyed a photo station where they could pose in front of the #StandOut logo and have the opportunity to show off their unique outfits paired with Nine West shoes. 


Each table was decorated with unique arrangements. Our team used pineapples instead of vases and preserved flowers to create a light and airy, boho vibe. 


Our shoe-fie station was a hit! Guests had the opportunity to take pictures of their favorite shoes on a fun pattern. 



Chloe Wine generously sponsored our party with the most delicious rosé which guests enjoyed all afternoon!


FLEUR DIY : Floating Floral Letters

Every event must have a hash tag, but every amazing event should have floral hash tag floating in the pool. This summer, I hosted a soiree in Sagaponack with my friends Lauren Nelson and Amanda S. Gluck to celebrate nothing other than... summer! Our hash tag was #BLOOMINGENBLANC (check it out on insta for more here) and to truly bring this theme to life, I created a floating hash tag made of bloom-covered foam letters and obviously floated it in the center of our pool. See below to learn how its done!  Check out my DIY feature via Martha Stewart here for more on this DIY and view our #BLOOMINGENBLANC party pics here

Enjoy! xx Christy 

 Considering that our party had an all-white theme, I used a variety of white blooms for this project, including: daisies, chamomile, baby's breath and aster flowers. Here is a quick list of what you will need: 

- Foam Letters (like these

- Flowers in colors of your choice (larger blooms that sit flat like daisies and mums work best) 

- Straight pins (like these)

- Garden shears or scissors 

Invisible thread or fishing line 

Step 1. Cut the stems off of the flowers, allowing the blooms to lay flat 

2. Use straight pins to attach each bloom, pinning them to the foam letters one by one until the letter is covered in flowers 

3. When each letter is finished, you can string them all together using invisible thread to create a floating word or in our case, hash tag! We also used the invisible thread to anchor the floating hash tag to the edges of either side of the pool. 

Voila! Party time 

Photography by Olivia Anton 

Photography by Olivia Anton 

FLEUR DIY : Prosecco Petal Pops

We’re beating the August heat and making our own refreshing Prosecco flower popsicles. These pretty pops are perfect for a Saturday afternoon or evening treat with your girlfriends. 

So, pop the Prosecco and read our tutorial below!

xx Olivia

Supplies and Ingredients:

  • 1 bottle of Prosecco (we used WKND from Club W)  
  • Popsicle molds like these from Sur La Table
  • Handful of rose petals 
  • Culinary lavender (like this one!) 
  • Rose Simple Syrup (we used Royal Rose
  • A splash of water


1.    Begin by pouring the bottle of Prosecco and Rose Simple Syrup together in a pitcher and stir with a large spoon. 

2.    Pour the Prosecco and Rose Simple Syrup mixture into the popsicle molds. 

3.    Take the rose petals and lavender and place a pinch of both in each mold. Also, add a splash of water in each mold before covering.

4.   Place the filled popsicle molds in the freezer and freeze for approximately 4 hours. 

5.    Take the popsicles out of the mold and enjoy your floral Prosecco popsicle (and get a quick snap before they melt)!

                                                               By: Olivia Anton   Photographer: Olivia Anton

FLEUR DIY: Marble Blossom Bark

Bite into our adorable take on the classic chocolate bark. This marble flower bark we prepared is ideal for a quick DIY gift or even just a cute way to merge the two greatest things, chocolate and flowers!

We love anything that incorporates blooms and have been hunting for sweet and speedy treat, and this one is delicious. You can put your own twist on this tasty creation by using colors and edible flowers of your choice. Read below to learn how its done!

xx Kenzie

 Supplies and Ingredients:

·      White chocolate candy melts (Ghirardelli works great!)

·     Gel food coloring (we used this one in pink and violet from Sur La Table

·      Edible flowers (Good Housekeeping published a great guide on where to find them here )

·      Colorful sprinkles (we picked ours up from Sur La Table and also used culinary lavender like this one)

·      Wax paper

·      Sheet pan

·      Wooden skewers


1. Begin by melting the white chocolate in two separate bowls either on a stovetop or in the microwave.

2. Add gel food coloring to each one. We chose violet and pink.

3. Next, pour the melted chocolate on a sheet pan that has been covered with wax paper. We kept one half of the pan pink and the other half purple. Smooth if necessary.

4. Using a wooden skewer, begin to swirl the two colors to create a marble effect.

5. Then, remove the petals from your edible flowers and wash clean. While the chocolate is still in a liquid state on the pan, sprinkle the flower petals over the top of the chocolate (Also add sprinkles for a fun touch!).

6. Wait for the chocolate to completely harden by placing the pan in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.

8. After your chocolate masterpiece has hardened, begin break the chocolate up into pieces of bark.

9. Finally, enjoy (and share!) your beautiful creation

By: Kenzie Fisher        Photographer: Olivia Anton

FLEUR DIY: Flower Crown Bar with @GlitterGuide

I love hosting DIY flower crown parties and events! Making flower crowns with your guests is a great way to relax and break the ice (especially for New York friends who may not know one another). After my friend Carly Hill of @GlitterGuide attended my #CrownsandRose party, we worked together on a fun DIY  post!

Here's how to create your own flower crown bar at your next girl's brunch, baby or bridal shower : 

Enjoy! xx Christy

Photos by Meg Niemann of @MSNPhotography