FLEUR DIY: Marble Blossom Bark

Bite into our adorable take on the classic chocolate bark. This marble flower bark we prepared is ideal for a quick DIY gift or even just a cute way to merge the two greatest things, chocolate and flowers!

We love anything that incorporates blooms and have been hunting for sweet and speedy treat, and this one is delicious. You can put your own twist on this tasty creation by using colors and edible flowers of your choice. Read below to learn how its done!

xx Kenzie

 Supplies and Ingredients:

·      White chocolate candy melts (Ghirardelli works great!)

·     Gel food coloring (we used this one in pink and violet from Sur La Table

·      Edible flowers (Good Housekeeping published a great guide on where to find them here )

·      Colorful sprinkles (we picked ours up from Sur La Table and also used culinary lavender like this one)

·      Wax paper

·      Sheet pan

·      Wooden skewers


1. Begin by melting the white chocolate in two separate bowls either on a stovetop or in the microwave.

2. Add gel food coloring to each one. We chose violet and pink.

3. Next, pour the melted chocolate on a sheet pan that has been covered with wax paper. We kept one half of the pan pink and the other half purple. Smooth if necessary.

4. Using a wooden skewer, begin to swirl the two colors to create a marble effect.

5. Then, remove the petals from your edible flowers and wash clean. While the chocolate is still in a liquid state on the pan, sprinkle the flower petals over the top of the chocolate (Also add sprinkles for a fun touch!).

6. Wait for the chocolate to completely harden by placing the pan in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.

8. After your chocolate masterpiece has hardened, begin break the chocolate up into pieces of bark.

9. Finally, enjoy (and share!) your beautiful creation

By: Kenzie Fisher        Photographer: Olivia Anton