FLEUR DIY : Floating Floral Letters

Every event must have a hash tag, but every amazing event should have floral hash tag floating in the pool. This summer, I hosted a soiree in Sagaponack with my friends Lauren Nelson and Amanda S. Gluck to celebrate nothing other than... summer! Our hash tag was #BLOOMINGENBLANC (check it out on insta for more here) and to truly bring this theme to life, I created a floating hash tag made of bloom-covered foam letters and obviously floated it in the center of our pool. See below to learn how its done!  Check out my DIY feature via Martha Stewart here for more on this DIY and view our #BLOOMINGENBLANC party pics here

Enjoy! xx Christy 

 Considering that our party had an all-white theme, I used a variety of white blooms for this project, including: daisies, chamomile, baby's breath and aster flowers. Here is a quick list of what you will need: 

- Foam Letters (like these

- Flowers in colors of your choice (larger blooms that sit flat like daisies and mums work best) 

- Straight pins (like these)

- Garden shears or scissors 

Invisible thread or fishing line 

Step 1. Cut the stems off of the flowers, allowing the blooms to lay flat 

2. Use straight pins to attach each bloom, pinning them to the foam letters one by one until the letter is covered in flowers 

3. When each letter is finished, you can string them all together using invisible thread to create a floating word or in our case, hash tag! We also used the invisible thread to anchor the floating hash tag to the edges of either side of the pool. 

Voila! Party time 

Photography by Olivia Anton 

Photography by Olivia Anton